Cortisol / Adrenal Function

We all experience stress in our lives. Our bodies react to that stress in a relative manner ie. what may be stressful to one person may not be stressful to another based on their previous life experiences. Naturopathic physicians look at how patients respond and cope with stress, and saliva hormone testing is a useful way for measuring that response.

Common Tests Ordered:

1. Two Point Cortisol (saliva)
A saliva sample is given in the morning and then again 12 hours later. Cortisol fluctuates during the course of the day so it is best to see at least 2 cortisol measurements.

2. Four Point Cortisol (saliva)
A saliva sample is given on waking and then every 4 hours for a total of 4 samples in 12 hours. These readings should follow a “cortisol curve”. Prolonged stress – physical, mental, emotional, and environmental can all have an impact on this curve.

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Other tests are available upon request.

Prices are $130 and $240 Cndn respectively for the above tests. Cost varies for other tests ordered. Cost is covered under most extended benefit plans – please check with your provider.